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Debt Collection Case Study In Real Estate Industry - Mr J's Story

The client: Mr J is director of a real estate agent

Debt amount: Approximately $30k

Background: The debt was incurred during April 2019, with three parties involved, the client (real estate agent), the vendor and the vendor’s project manager. With disputes between each party but the fact that debtor tried to skip the debt.

This debt was firstly appointed to one of Australia’s largest collection company by June 2019, with the client spent $1,300 annual fee, and nothing was recovered after a year’s time. Then this debt was appointed to the second debt collector, they spent more than half year, still zero dollar collection.

Debt collection for real estate agency

The result: Xservices was engaged on 10/03/2021, considered the complicate scenario of this matter, Xservices spent two days in reading through the contract between three parties and discuss with the client, then took action.

22/03/2021, 8 business days, fully recovered.

Conclusion: It was a wise decision for Mr J to engage debt collection services on June 2019, as approximately 60 days overdue is the best time to proceed with collection actions. Because at that time, companies should have tried all means internally to chase the money, if no result in 60 days, persuade with debt collector could ensure a high success rate.

Xservice Debt Collection is a professional debt recovery agency, differentiate with other debt collectors, we do not collect debts like robot, instead we spend time analyse each case, as we believe every case has its unique causes. Therefore, we could ensure the highest recovery rate with the quickest possible time turn money into your bank account.

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