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Business Debt Collection Agency

It just happens that some customers are unable to pay on time for various reasons, such as invoice disputes, tight cashflow, or they just don't want to pay. It is important to find out the reason and then negotiate for a solution—and this is what we do.

As a professional business debt collection agency, Xservices develops debt recovery strategies based on each case scenario. Putting the right amount of stress on the debtor, resolving any disputes if applicable, negotiating the best payment plan that fits both parties' needs.

Be persistent, be assertive, and instil urgency are our keys to winning. Speak to our debt collection specialist for a free assessment of your debt.

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Professional Business Debt Collection

Business debt collections are obviously different with personal, government or bank loan debt collections. The real case background here can be more complicated, some businesses have a formal trade agreement with clients whereas many don't have. Our strategies are different based on each of the factors, agreement, disputes, debtor's financial situation, age of debt

If you have tried to recover internally, or even tried with other debt collection agencies with no success, don't worry, Xservices can help. More than 80% of average winning rate, our successful collections including debts gave up by other debt collectors once or even twice. No matter how complicated your case is, we can help.

Specifically target business debt collections, our experts have intensive knowledge within this area, get in touch now for a free consultation.

Xservices Recover Debts From All Industries

We not only assist you in collecting late payments, but also help you maintain good relationships while in debt collections. When it comes to your debtors, our personalised debt recovery strategy assures prompt payments while still prioritising your clients. We recognise the value of their continuous patronage and support for your company, and we will endeavour to let them to pay on time. We're a more cost-effective alternative to lawyers, allowing you to recover debt faster while also delivering specialised talents tailored to your company's needs. Lawyers charge by the minute, so they might not be the greatest option for small firms looking to keep costs down and recover debts swiftly. This is why businesses should partner with a competent debt collection agency with extensive expertise managing businesses debt collection in a number of industries. Here are some of the reasons why Xservices is the most successful debt collection agency throughout Australia:

  • Proven track record - high success rate of 80%+

  • Simple ‘No win, no commission’ policy - minimising your risks

  • Streamlined, straightforward debt collection process

  • Services cover VIC, NSW, QLD & WA, no matter where your customers located we’ll help you recover late payments promptly

  • Dedication to providing the highest level of personalised debt recovery services

  • Specialise in B2B and commercial debt collection

We'll help you protect your profitability by recovering outstanding debts and mitigate risks. With Xservices, you can focus more of your time on income prospects while never having to worry about a steady cash flow. Through our receivable and credit management services, we'll also optimise your future transactions and invoicing procedures.

Click here to learn more about Commercial Debt Collection and Consumer Debt Recovery.

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Book Your Free Consultation Now With Xservices

In the long term, you'll need business-savvy debt collectors, which is why Xservices is the best choice. We always work directly with each business to overcome their issues, providing unparalleled service quality. Through our debt collection services, our debt recovery professionals have assisted many local Australian businesses of all sizes. We provide commercial debt collection and consumer debt recovery services, as well as receivable management and credit control. Xservices is experienced and professional when it comes to clients not paying invoices in Australia. To get started, schedule a free consultation now. Get your money back faster than ever before!

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