Commercial Debt Collection

Have 60+ days overdue accounts?

Received empty promise from customers?

No payment no matter how you chase?

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A Cautionary Tale

In 2014, a food wholesaler was supplying fresh food to a supermarket. They had been for many years and the supermarket had always been a good customer. Unfortunately, in 2016 the supermarket fell on hard times and the wholesaler had to stop selling to them as they couldn’t pay the bill. 

Striking a deal, the owner of the supermarket verbally promised the food wholesaler that he would pay once things picked up again. “We’ve had a solid business relationship until now. Why shouldn’t I trust him?” the wholesaler thought to himself. 

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Commercial debt collection big data


to 90%

Market recovery rate for low-risk customers with 60+ days overdue


to 85%

Market recovery rate for high-risk customers with below 60 days overdue


to 65%

Market recovery rate for high-risk customers with 60+ days overdue


Survival rate for SMEs after 4 years

Sources: Illion,  ABS

Background debt collectors debt collecti
Background debt collectors debt collecti

Xservice Commercial Collections

We Help Businesses Recover Outstanding Receivables

Many businesses do not fully utilise legal actions due to the cost of high legal fees and disbursements. It is far better to push the risk and cost to a debt collection agency that is well prepared and has a clear incentive in gaining recoveries.

Our competitive advantages:

  • High recovery rate of 80%+

  • No win, no commission

  • Simple process to get started

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs

  • Service cover VIC, NSW, QLD & WA, no matter where your customers located

  • Committed to providing the highest level of services

  • Specialising in B2B and commercial debt collection

Benefits for working with us:

  • Save unnecessary legal costs

  • Protect profit & financial health

  • Boost cash flow, enable you to catch more business opportunities

  • Free your time to generate more revenue

  • Save headaches

We are here to help you recover outstanding debts easily and cost-effectively. We aim to protect your debtors ledger, reduce your overall costs, manage risk, and support your business to help you generate more revenue.

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