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Debt Collectors Melbourne Small Business

Xservices is a leading debt collection agency for small business. Our focus on effective and simple collections for small businesses has helped us achieve an 80% recovery rate for our clients - and the same results can be achieved for you. With our specialised process, we can collect debts more effectively and without damaging your business' reputation. Book a consultation today and discuss your needs with an expert to get started!

Debt Collection for small businesses SME

Stay Ahead Of Response

All your inquiries and requests

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High Recovery Rate

Simply follow our recommendations,

and there are more than

80% chances to win!


Simple Process

Just two steps to get start, we will then be able to manage the debts for you, save your headaches!

Professional Debt Collection for Small Businesses

No matter the size of your business, Xservices can help you manage outstanding invoices and debtors. We work with small businesses all across Australia, offering both one-time and ongoing collections services. With experience across a wide range of industries, we understand your situation and work actively to recover debt in a way that all parties find acceptable. By understanding the core reasons why your clients or customers haven't paid we can work out a payment solution that works for them. This ethical approach to collections is what has helped us achieve success in more than 80% of our cases. If you need professional debt collectors for small businesses in Melbourne get in touch with Xservices today.

Debt Collection for small businesses SME


We only get commission based

on amount that we have successfully collected.

No fees without a win means no risk for you!

Why Hire a Debt Collection Agency for Small Business Debts?

While debt collection can often end up being a "necessary evil", many businesses can't afford to collect on outstanding debts. Debt collection takes time that you may not have, and many debt collection agencies charge a range of fees that eat into your profit margins and can drastically reduce the amount you recover. Success isn't guaranteed either, so you may end up paying for nothing and wasting more money.


If you find your clients or customers aren't paying their bills, debt collection can help you smooth out your cash flow and ensure you get the money you've earned. Xservices can work closely with you to manage debt collections for your small business. Discuss your needs with our team today for tailored debt collection services.


Leading Small Business Debt Collection Services

Xservices offers stress-free debt recovery services for small businesses in Australia. With no upfront fees, membership fees, and commission payment only on a win, you won't have to worry about the cost of debt collection services.

Our team of experienced debt collectors will work tirelessly to get you the results you want. We're not pushy, but we are persistent. Xservices has a proven track record for helping both new business owners and established small businesses like yours find success with our services.

Our competitive advantages:

  • High recovery rate of 80%+

  • No win, no commission

  • Simple collections process

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs

  • Service cover VIC, NSW, QLD & WA, no matter where your customers located

  • Committed to providing the highest level of services

  • Specialising in B2B and commercial debt collection

Benefits for working with us:

  • Save unnecessary legal costs

  • Protect profit & financial health

  • Boost cash flow, enable you to catch more business opportunities

  • Free your time to generate more revenue

  • Save headaches

Learn more about Commercial Debt Collection.

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Book a free consultation with Xservices and talk to an experienced small business debt collection specialist. We'll come up with a strategy to recover debt and help you take control of unpaid invoices and debts. Call now to book your free consultation.