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Is Your Client Not Paying Invoice In Australia?

It just happens that businesses would have overdue receivables, some of which can be more serious arrears. Their reasons can be many, such as, service/product disputes, bad economic conditions, or your customer didn't have enough cash flow.

If you have tried all means internally and your client is still not paying your invoice, it is important to find a debt recovery professional to help you chase your money back. We believe that starting actions 50-60 days past due is the best time with the highest success rate. In general, the likelihood of recovery would decrease as time passed after this period.

Clock is ticking, don't miss the prime time to recover your debt.

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Specialist For Client Not Paying Invoice In Australia

Is your client not paying invoices owed to you? Is your client locating in Australia? Are you frustrated with having to deploy your time, money and resources on chasing after debtors while toeing the fine line of not wanting to displease them? Or have you been burned after enlisting the services of supposedly competent debt collectors who couldn’t deliver results? 


At Xservices, our experienced team won’t disappoint. Over the years, we’ve handled major Australian businesses from SMEs to those grossing over an annual turnover of over $100M. We’ve helped them manage professional risks, eliminate losses from client debt and optimise their invoicing. When you hire our debt collectors, we only apply commission rates when we successfully recover your debt! This policy minimises risks for your business when you let us help collect your payments. Discuss your situation with Xservices and we’ll tailor a debt collection plan to suit the needs of your business!

Xservices Collects Debts From Any Client Not Paying Invoice In Australia

We not only help collect late payments on your behalf, but maintain goodwill in your customer relationships. Our personalised approach when it comes to your debtors ensures timely invoicing while still prioritising your clients. We understand their continued patronage and support for your business is invaluable, and will work to encourage early payments on their part. We’re the more cost-effective option than lawyers, helping you recover debt faster while providing specialist skills to match your business needs exactly. Lawyers incur legal costs by minutes, and may not be the best choice for local businesses who need to keep costs low and recover debts quickly. This is why the role of debt collectors belong to those from a professional debt recovery agency with real experience managing businesses from a variety of industries. Here are some reasons why Xservices remains not only the leading debt collection agency in Melbourne, but throughout Australia for B2B and commercial debt recovery:

  • Proven track record - high recovery rate of 80%+

  • Simple ‘No win, no commission’ policy - minimising risk for companies 

  • Streamlined, straightforward collection process

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs - no burden of incremental expense without results, if any out of pocket charges apply you will always be informed prior

  • Services cover VIC, NSW, QLD & WA, no matter where your customers located we’ll help you recover late payments promptly

  • Dedication to providing the highest level of personalised debt recovery services

  • Specialists in B2B and commercial debt collection

We’ll help secure your profits, minimising loss from client debt and risk. With Xservices, you can make better use of your time to focus on revenue opportunities while never worrying about a consistent stream of cash flow. Furthermore, we’ll optimise your future transactions and invoicing processes through our credit management and control services.

Click here to learn more about Commercial Debt Collection and Consumer Debt Recovery.

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Book Your Free Consultation Now With Xservices

In the long run you need business savvy debt collectors, that’s why there’s no better team to rely on than Xservices. With an unmatched quality of service, we always work closely with each company to overcome their challenges. Our debt recovery experts have helped countless local Australian businesses of various sizes through our range of debt recovery services. We offer commercial debt collection and consumer debt recovery services, as well as credit management and control for your business. When it comes to client not paying invoice Australia, Xservices is experienced and professional. Book your free consultation today to get started. Recover your debt faster than ever!

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