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Accounts Receivable &
Credit Management
Every dollar you spend on credit control, prior to trade, could potentially save you ten to hundred times' worth of bad debts.

Our Services Go Beyond Debt Collection

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Credit Application Form

Set up proper trade agreement between you and your clients, which could significantly increase the success rate of debt recovery.

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Credit Checks

To minimise the risks of overdue debts, get access to your customers' credit reports before offering them credit accounts.

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Customer Monitoring And Alert

Get notices when your customers' situations change. For example, they have changed their business structure, been default-listed by other suppliers, or bankrupted. So you'll be able to take immediate action according to the alerts.

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Early Stage Debt Recovery

We not only recover serious overdue debts, but can also help you streamline your receivable procedures and collect outstanding invoices from day one.



Average late payment for small businesses


Worsening cash flow is because of late payment


Small businesses have to ask more than twice for payment


Businesses believe they would have generated more revenue if cash flow was improved

Sources: Xero, ASBFEO


Xservice Credit Management

Professional Receivables Management with Cost Advantages

Xservice Credit Management specialise in help SMEs, to manage credit accounts with a systematic approach, boost cash flow, reduce potential loss from bad debts while not sacrifice sales & revenue.

We provide receivables management service, work as an extended part of your team, help you to identify what drives your own DSO & bad debts. Implement a comprehensive credit control procedure, evaluate credit risks and protect your accounts receivable and financial health, enable you to keep cash pumping into the parts of your business that need it most!

We offer:

  • Early stage debt collections

  • Credit management consultation

  • Receivable procedure development & optimisation

  • Trade insurance management

  • Credit application assessment

  • Credit risk analysis & limit recommendation

  • Credit investigation report

  • Customer alert & monitoring

  • Debtor insolvency management

  • Other customised services that you need

Benefits including:

  • Access to professional resources  

  • Flexibility for additional & temporary requirements

  • Free your time to focus on core business area

  • Save infrastructure and staff training costs

  • Control risks with comprehensive procedure

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding & boost cash flow

  • Grow sales without worry about money collection

Discuss with our credit specialist nowavoid bad debt crisis before it hits and ensure a better cash flow to generate more revenue!

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