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It Is Never Easy To Collect A Debt


We Make Your Job Easier

We Save Your Headaches

We'll Take Over Hassles From You


Two Steps To Get Started

Step 1 - Send us the debt details for review

Step 2 - Complete a new client form to appoint the debt to us

All our job there after

Give us a call on (03) 9077 9780 for a quick discussion or simply email the following to

  • Outstanding invoice(s) and/or statement

  • Any contract between you and the debtor (if applicable)

  • Any disputes or other information that we should be aware of (if applicable)

After reviewing the above documents, we'll send you our service agreement if the case can be accepted. (Subject to the relevant legislation, we are required to obtain your Authority To Act before commencement)

We'll start actions immediately after appointment is received, and we'll keep you fully informed of our progress via regular updates and discuss options with you.

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Phone: (03) 9114 8929


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