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Consumer Debt Collection

Customer owe you money and stop communication?

Cost too much to hire a lawyer?

Can't find the debtor?

We Recover Consumer Debts

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Service Australian Major States

Our service covers VIC, NSW, QLD & WA, no matter where your customers are located.

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Quicker Recoveries

We take quicker actions than industry average, in many cases we can get our clients’ money to be recovered within 1-2 weeks.

Boost cash flow - debt collection.png

Boost Cash Flow

We helped many clients out of cash flow difficulties by recovering their outstanding receivables.

save time - debt collection.png

Free Your Time

By outsourcing debt collections, you can focus more on the core business activities - generate more sales.

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Average late payment


Average book with 60+ days overdue that requires urgent action


Australians experienced loan rejection because of bad credit record


Credit active Australians are at risk of credit default

Sources: Illion,  Equifax,


Xservice Debt Collection

Consumer & Personal Debt Recovery

Xservice Debt Collection help businesses and individuals to recover outstanding debt with a firm and professional manner. Our professionals will analyse the real situation of the debtor, identify the willingness and ability of payment then apply a right amount of pressure to get your money be recovered as soon as practicable.

With our skip tracing system to locate the debtor, effectively work out the most appropriate collection method to produce a result in a timely manner. Xservice Debt Collection is committed to providing ethical debt collection that minimise the reputational risk of our clients.

Through our hardship identification system, we will be able to assess debtor's real financial situation, ensure debtors are treated fairly and reasonably with courtesy, empathy, consideration and respect. Fully compliant with the relevant legislation & regulation, our recovery process is able to build goodwill with the debtor, placing the outstanding account as a priority when their financial position improves.

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