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B2B Debt Collection Case Study for Solar Industry: A Wholesaler Creditor

B2B (Solar Industry) Debt Collection

The client: One of Australia’s leading solar wholesaler

Debt amount: Approximately $60k

Background: Debtor is a solar energy franchise, under restructuring with no assured date to finalise the restructure.

The results: Xservice Debt Collection were engaged on 24/03/2021, actions taken immediately. On 08/04/2021, 9 business days, outstanding invoices + debt collection costs + interests have all been fully recovered.

Conclusion: The success of this case can be largely attributed to creditor’s good accounts receivable protection mechanism, with credit application form in place plus guarantee and indemnity. Hence Xservice Debt Collection was able to act through multiple ways, not only the debtor business, but also the guarantor, the franchisee, the master franchisor, and their lawyer in between (for restructure) that all contributed to the success of this B2B debt recovery.

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