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Debt Collection Case Study for Electrical Supplies (B2B) June 2020

The client: An electrical product supplier, small to medium size

Debt amount: Approximately $10k

Background: The debt was incurred during June 2020 that our client (the “Supplier”) supplied products to an interstate solar company (the “Customer”). No writing agreement between the parties. And this debt was initially appointed to another debt collection agency during end of 2020, however nothing was recovered at that time.

Debt collection in electrical supplies industry (BSB)

The result: Xservices was engaged to recover this debt by 02/09/2021, more information was revealed during our debt collection process, with the fact that, the product was returned to the Supplier a few months after it was supplied, however it was rusted (cannot be resell) due to the Customer did not maintain it properly.

Xservices had to seek further evidence from our client in order to negotiate with the Customer, it cost approximately 3 weeks for our client to collect new evidence. Luckily, with our effort, a settlement agreement was reached between both parties on 28/10/2021, and payment was received by 30/10/2021.

Conclusion: This case was hard because the Customer was not in possession of the product, and not aware of the loss they bring to the Supplier (eg product cannot be resell). Xservices has to utilise strategies to negotiate with the Customer and finally recovered our client’s loss.

Xservices is a professional debt collection agency with licensed debt collectors to help you recover debts, head office in Melbourne/VIC, services also cover Sydney/NSW, Brisbane/QLD and Perth/WA. Specialise in helping small and medium size businesses (SME). Contact us if your client is not paying invoice (Australia).


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