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Debt Collection Case Study For Solar Retailer December 2020

The client: An Australian well-known solar retailer operating in multiple states

Debt Amount: Approximately $3,000

Background: The debt was incurred in late 2020, when the retailer sold a 6.29kw solar system to a household in Victoria, Jinko + FoxESS. A properly executed solar proposal was in place, debtor was disputing that the actual production of the solar system was not in line with the proposal, therefore refused to pay.

Debt collection for solar industry

Collections: Xservice Debt Collection was engaged on 11 November 2021, investigations started same day. Our collections expert got in touch with the debtor, and was advised by the debtor that the system’s actual efficiency was only about 70% of the quoted amount. We requested system production evidence from the debtor and read through the quotation in detail, then analysed and justified it mathematically to the debtor. The debtor was satisfied and agreed with our collection expert that the actual production was falling in the quoted range.

The debtor then raised another dispute over a grid connection issue, similar to the one above, our collection expert requested evidence for the issue and justified it in accordance with the solar proposal.

Result: Full payment was received on 13 December 2021.

Conclusion: Like many other overdue debts in solar, it was not paid due to disputes, and there was a genuine dispute on this matter. As a result, our debt recovery strategy would be to resolve the dispute(s) and negotiate a solution. Taking advantage of our expertise in solar industry, we could achieve an exceptional result to satisfy your needs.

Xservice Debt Collection is a professional debt recovery agency that has extensive experience in solar industry. Our experts have practical experience in solar, are familiar with the whole procedure from solar proposal is signed until system is installed, STCs are claimed, rebate is received, government backed interest free loan is approved, and personal loan for the outstanding amount is applied. We have handled and successfully recovered debts in various situations in solar that are beyond your imagination. Our services cover Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane/Gold Coast (QLD) and Perth (WA). Speak to our expert today for a free assessment.


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