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Get Your Debt Recovered Before Financial Year End

Are you a business owner and have outstanding receivables that you would like to chase back before the next financial year? Contact Xservice Debt Collection to get your money recovered. We provide professional collections services covering VIC, NSW, QLD & WA four major states. Our experienced debt collectors have a unique approach to recovering your money with a higher success rate than many other debt collection agencies.

Our debt collectors would first of all discuss with you to learn more about your debt, spend an extra amount of time to understand the reasons for not getting paid, and investigate the debtor's background. Then, based on your situation, we will devise a collection strategy that will minimise your chances of winning the case but losing the money – as has happened with many debt recovery lawyers.

Contact Xservice Debt Collection to Get Your Debt Recovered

If you have 60 plus days overdue accounts, or have received empty promises from customers that never pay back the accounts as agreed, try our commercial debt collection service. We operate on a no win, no commission basis, which allows you to minimise risks while recovering outstanding debts.

We can assist you if your client is not paying invoice in Australia, whether you are a sole trader, small business, or large corporation, as long as your clients are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Perth. With our active debt recovery service, many debts can be recovered within 2 weeks of your appointment – if you start debt collection at the right time. Generally speaking, we recommend debts that are around 50–60 days past due as the best time to start collections. During this period, the debts are still current, each party remembers what happened and the situation does not change significantly. For instance, your customer’s business went down and closed under this harsh economic condition.

On top of debt collection services, we also help our clients to look after the credit accounts, manage the risks while your clients are trading with you on credit accounts. We can also recover early stage debt at a discounted price compared to the normal debt recovery service. We can help you to analyse credit risks for a specific customer and get an investigation report to reveal their underline credit history to let you make the right decision.

Xservice Debt Collection specialises in commercial debt recovery, and credit management for small to medium-sized businesses and has helped thousands of local businesses to recover outstanding accounts. The clock is ticking, get started now and don’t miss the opportunity to get your money back before the end of the financial year.


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