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How to Negotiate with A Debt Collection Agency When You Get A Call Or Letter

There are many scam calls nowadays, some of which may pretend to be debt collectors. Before you block these numbers, please make sure that they are true scams, and don’t ignore contact from legitimate debt collectors. You may be contacted by a debt recovery agency if there is delinquent debt you owe to a credit provider, such as a lender, hospital, or supplier. Here are things you can do when you are contacted by a debt collection agency.

Check with The Credit Provider

During your correspondence with the debt collector, you must be informed that who are they collecting debt on behalf of and how much are they demanding. Then you’ll be able to check with the credit provider whether this debt was referred to a debt recovery company if you are suspecting the legitimacy of debt collectors. Once confirmed, you can start negotiations with the debt collector.

Negotiate with A Debt Collection Agency

Request A Payment Plan

If you are under financial hardship, speak to the debt collector and negotiate a payment plan. Although most of the time the debt collection agency is not the decision maker, they will pass your proposal to the creditor for approval. Provide some evidence to demonstrate your financial status, such as, if you are unemployed and reply on Centre Link, provide a Centre Link statement to the debt collector to prove, your payment proposal would be easier to accept by the creditor in this way.

Seek Professional Legal Advice

If you have any concerns about your legal rights, please seek professional legal advice. However, please bear in mind that legal advice usually costs a lot of money, which may add more burden to your financial status. Make your decision wisely, better save it if you do owe the money and there are not many issues with the goods or services you received from the credit provider. Take note that your lawyers cannot stop the debt collector from taking your debt to legal proceedings, and your costs can be significant when it comes to a court hearing, and you may be ordered to bear costs for the credit provider if you lose the case.

Dispute The Debt

You may wish to dispute the amount the debt collection agency is demanding if you believe you don’t owe it, or dispute part of the debt if there are issues about the goods or services you received. Remember that debt collectors are only required to consider genuine disputes, and you may be asked by the debt recovery agency to provide evidence to support your dispute.

If you are contacted by Xservice Debt Collection, take note that we are a licensed debt collection agency and will only accept debt recovery appointments when we reasonably believe that a genuine debt exists. Our friendly debt collectors would work with you to find the best solution for you and the credit provider to repay the debt. Let us know if you are under financial hardship or have a dispute over the debt, with the evidence received from you, we can speak to the credit provider and try our best to work out a mutually beneficial payment schedule.


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