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Managing Debt Collection To Maintain A Healthy Financial Position

Are you running a business? Do you sell goods or services on credit accounts? It is almost unavoidable that businesses that provide credit accounts to customers will experience delinquent receivables. Although it is hard enough to run a business even without chasing overdue debtors, you still have to spend time in recovering overdue accounts and try to reduce your losses on bad debts.

Find an active debt recovery agency to help you chase your money back. With Xservices, we make your job easier, we save your headaches, and we can take the hassles from you. Friendly to business owners that are new to outsourcing debt collection, our expert team could guide you step-by-step to get on board, all you need to do after is continue your business as usual, listen to our updates, and provide instructions when needed.

The importance of debt collection for business financials

Have you ever imagined that the overdue accounts you chased for a half-year, spending hundreds of hours with the debtor with no recovery, could be recovered within one to two weeks of your appointment with Xservice Debt Collection? While every case is different, we have proved that in many cases we can get our clients’ money recovered within 1-2 weeks. Contact Xservice Debt Collection for an assessment if you would like to achieve the same kind of results.

Are you worried about the cost of debt recovery? Although the fees Xservice Debt Collection charges may not be the lowest in the market, we are operating on a no win no commission basis, which minimises our client’s risks in collecting overdue debts. Take advantage of our average 80% plus success rate, and best customer service experience, you will enjoy working with us. Our dedicated debt collection experts always stay ahead of responses, we would be able to address all your enquiries within hours, and guaranteed response within one business day.

There are only two steps to getting started with Xservice Debt Collection, do not hesitate to give us a call for an obligation assessment. You’ll save hundreds of hours in collecting overdue debts, and you may not have to pay our fees out of your own pocket – if there is a properly executed contract between you and the debtor covering the debt collection fees in most states and territories of Australia.

As a professional debt collection agency, our services cover Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. If your customers are in these states, choose Xservices to be your partnered debt collection agency. Our customers range from sole traders to large international organizations, no matter you are a small business just looking for one-off debt collection or have recurring debt recovery requests to be outsourced, we can help. Contact us now, or book a free consultation session online.


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