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The Most Cost-Effective Way for the Collection of Debts - Hire Professionals

Chasing down payments is probably towards the top of every small business owner's list of pain concerns. No matter which industry you are in, overdue debts are unavoidable if you sell on credit accounts, and credit sales may be unavoidable when your business is growing, as there will be customers that want to pay by credit and you don’t want to lose them. So what is the most cost-effective way to handle debt collection? Our answer is very simple – hire professionals.

Early Stage Debt Collection Service

Business owners might think that debt collectors take a part of the profit as they charge percentage commissions, so only speak to a debt collection agency when there are debts aged over 2-3 months and can’t be recovered by internal staff. This is quite understandable that these business owners take debt collection agency as an expensive service, this is because your last inquiry was to collect a delinquent debt of some age. So the quote you received was to collect such an old debt.

Cost effective professional debt collection agency

Here we introduce a service that is offered by Xservice Debt Collection, you might see other debt collection agencies providing it as well. This is called "Early Stage Debt Collection Service," which usually happens starting from the due date of your invoice. Take advantage of our professional knowledge and resources, the early stage debt recovery will be much easier than other long overdue debts, and the costs will be much cheaper than standard debt collection services, sometimes you may find it cheaper than hiring an account person to follow up overdue debts.

Formal Debt Collection Services

If your clients did not pay invoices in early stages (say within 60 days of overdue), then it comes to the next step of formal debt recovery. As a professional debt collection agency, Xservice Debt Collection specialises in commercial debt recovery and has helped thousands of customers recover overdue debts, most of which are small to medium size businesses. Our collection and fee structures are friendly to small business owners, and our debt collectors are familiar with most industries. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation with our specialists. With our recommendations, you can start from there.

Have you ever made a comparison to see how much it costs internally to chase overdue debts (including labour costs and other resources) and how much it costs to outsource the same accounts receivable procedures to external professionals? You may be surprised that the cost of hiring an expert debt collection agency can be cheaper than hiring an internal staff member, plus you’ll have the specialist level of services and resources.

If you have a client not paying invoice in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and/or Perth, please feel free to give Xservice Debt Collection a call, our services cover Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), and Western Australia (WA), no matter where your debtors are, we can help. Chat with our debt collection specialists today.


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