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What to Consider Before Launching Legal Proceedings To Recover Debt

Xservice Debt Collection helps clients to initiate legal proceedings to recover debt in the event that traditional debt collection methods do not work. Unlike many other debt collection agencies that only provide traditional debt recovery services, Xservice Debt Collection has the capacity to assist clients in recovering outstanding debt via legal actions.

Before initiating legal proceedings

First of all, our standard debt collection methods will be applied before starting legal actions. While our priority is to help the client recover outstanding money in a quick, easy, and no additional costs manner, our internal debt recovery procedures work for most situations. However, in some scenarios, legal action may be unavoidable to get the debtors to pay you. We’ll assess each specific matter and discuss the alternatives with you while it is deemed necessary to proceed.

what you should know before legal proceedings to recover debts

Determine whether your debt is worth to proceed

Before proceeding with legal action, additional work will be performed to analyse whether your case is worth to proceed. We will consider the amount outstanding, the likelihood of winning, and the recoverability if we win the proceeding, before we discuss legal actions with you about a specific matter.

Your choice of professional law firm

While Xservice Debt Collection provides low-cost assistance in self-representation legal proceedings, legal actions via professional law firms are still encouraged where clients have enough budget. With a few partnered law firms on the panel, we will discuss with you the pros and cons of each option, letting you choose the one that best suits your situation.

Between tribunal and court

Depending on the option you choose, tribunal would be a better option if you’d like to self-represent the matter, given the tribunal rules are easier than the court. However, in some situations, the tribunal does not have the jurisdiction to deal with the case, so court would be the only choice. Although Xservice Debt Collection can assist clients in preparing for magistrate court proceedings, professional lawyers are recommended in this situation.


When judgement has been obtained from the tribunal/court, the next step is to take enforcement actions if the debtor does not comply with the order. There are many ways to enforce an order, for instance, seizure and sale of assets, garnishing bank accounts, redirecting wages or payments, etc. Our processional will discuss with you for each specific matter, and recommend the best actions for next step.

Do you have client not paying invoices in Australia? Are you tired of chasing overdue customers? Contact Xservice Debt Collection for help, our professional debt collectors would assess your specific case situation, discuss with you the options available, and let you decide the best way to collect your debt. Our services cover Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD) and Perth (WA), no matter where your customers are, we can help. Get in touch now to book a free consultation session.


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