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Xservices Help Businesses Beyond Debt Collection

Since our business is to protect client’s profit, boost cash flow and ensure financial health, many customers are probably aware that Xservices could help businesses beyond the scope of traditional debt collections. Here is a brief outline of what we can do to help you with.

Debt Collections

Some business owners may think debt collectors are the same, or similarly operating as a call centre, rely on heavy phone calls to push debtors make payments. However it is incorrect, with Xservices we spend extra amount of time in preparation, study each case, investigate the matter and then approach debtors to ensure a higher recovery rate. In the event of heavy disputes or unable to be resolved by us, we can help to lodge the matter to VCAT, or to court (through our partner lawyers) if it is a large amount. Besides, we actively work with the debtors and client to make our debt recovery process quicker.

Xservice Debt Collection helps business beyond debt recovery

Receivable & Credit Management

On top of debt recoveries, Xservices also specialise in credit management for small and medium size businesses (SMEs). We have the expertise to support you in developing your own strategies and plans to ensure that your business is fully protected from bad debts. Work as an extended part of your team, we can help you to implement a comprehensive credit control procedure and identify what drives your own DSO & bad debts.

Which part of receivables?

· Credit investigation report

· Customer alert & monitoring

· Credit application assessment

· Credit risk analysis & limit recommendation

· Trade insurance management

· Receivable procedure optimisation

If you experience any issues relate to accounts receivable or client not paying invoices, if you are seeking debt collectors or professional debt collections services, no matter in Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (New South Wales), Brisbane/Gold Coast (Queensland), or Perth (Western Australia), do not hesitate to book a free consultation session with Xservice Debt Collection.


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